It all started when...

We met in Wanaka, New Zealand in 2012. John is originally from Balclutha, New Zealand but moved to Wanaka after years living in Europe. I was living in Wanaka during what was originally supposed to be a year long working holiday from the state of Wisconsin and turned out to be a permanent move.

In 2015, when we started planning our own wedding we realised there was no furniture that suited our style. We wanted elegant rustic furniture that didn't need to be covered up with linens. John's talent as a carpenter gave us the opportunity to build our own. With the help of friends and family we finished everything the day before the wedding, no stress there.

As Wanaka has grown as one of the top destination wedding spots in the world it has given us the opportunity to grow our side business into a full time job. We pride ourselves in beautiful handmade furniture that need little decoration. 


Meghan Merryfield & John Cruickshank